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Baptist Aid’s Kölcsey Ferenc Primary School

Maintainer: Hungarian Baptist Aid

Type: General-purpose Primary School

Numbers of Years: 8 primary school years

Basic Work:

Primary school education-training

Primary school education of students with special needs in morning-class

Number of students: 436 children

 Special fields: sports, English teaching

 Our Talent Support Activities:

Developing of highly talented children has been always a priority at our school. In 2009, we established a talent network with the local grammar school and we took part in a competition in the field of talent support in consortium. In 2010 we registered for the Talent Point. In 2011 we applied for accreditation. We denoted three talent areas: bodily-kinesthetic, logical-mathematical and natural science. These were our professional strengths (our school is specialized in sports and mathematics, and we are an eco-school). We undertook these areas of talent: identification, development, enrichment, differentiation and talent guidance.

Because we were very authentic and successful in this field in 2013, we have received the title of “Accredited Excellent Talent Point”. Then we extended our profile with three new talent areas: English (linguistic), Information Technology (logical-mathematical) and dramatics (interpersonal). In 2016, we gained the title of “Accredited Excellent Talent Point” for the second time. In 2017 we received the title of “Qualified Talent Support Workshop”. In Hungary only 38 institutions could get this title.

Year after year 55-58% of our pupils take part in academic, cultural and sport competitions and get good results in local, county and national level.

Now we have got 17 talent clubs that function methodically.

 Logical-mathematical area:

In the mathematics talent clubs the basic skills and abilities are developed which are essential for the successful operation. The basic forms of talent support are high school preparatory lessons and afternoon study circles. Our students participate in local and national maths competitions. The preparation of our students is based on differentiated classroom work and logical skill developing games and tasks. In two clubs there are 24 children.

We have started a board game talent club in the afternoon study circles. This club has got 22 members.

The Information Technology talent clubs have been working for three years. These help the 7th graders to pass the ECDL Start examination successfully. We surveyed the opportunities offered by the surrounding high schools and we developed a 3-year-long programme. We started this programme with 5th graders in the 2014/2015 school year. Now we have got three clubs in this field with 37 pupils.

 Natural science area:

In the natural talent clubs our pupils can deepen their knowledge and prepare for competitions. We teach them to love nature and how to discover its wonders. We develop environmentally conscious behaviours. We celebrate some important environmental dates, to strenghen awareness of environmental issues. We developed a curriculum that is divided into four, one-term-long parts. There are two clubs with 26 children.


Bodily-kinesthetic area:

In the Physical Education club our PE teachers and sport experts strengthen gifted pupils with individually tailored special training programmes and team sports. These children take part in town sport events, Pupils’ Olympics, Bozsik Football Programmes and invitational tournaments. Every year we organize micro-regional handball and football tournaments called Kölcsey Cup, and a school running race called Kölcsey –futás. This year 57 pupils participate in these clubs.

Linguistic area:

The English clubs started their work in the 2014/2015 school year. At that time we developed a curriculum for extra English lessons and started the talent identification process in the 4th grade. Now, we have got a well-developed four-year-programme and four functioning clubs with 36 pupils. In the summer we have got a Bible Camp lead by American Baptist volunteers. This camp helps to develop our pupils’ knowledge.

Interpersonal area:

The dramatics clubs have great successes from the first steps. They regularly take part in the National Baptist Drama Meeting in Kisújszállás and in the “Gyöngyhalász” National Baptist “Who knows what?” contest and we often win medals. This is a very popular area; we have got two clubs with 34 pupils.

Every year we organize a Talent Day where the talent clubs show their achievements. This is good opportunity for methodological exchange of experience and workshop activities. Since 2010 we host the “Meseszép – Mesekép” national story writing and illustrating contest annually. First it was a county contest but now, even foreign pupils can take part from our brother schools.

Our staff is well-trained, efficiently cooperative, innovative, child-loving and engaged in talent support. 14 teachers have got more than one degree, 7 have got university degrees, 4 have got their master degree, 3 are public education experts, 6 are consultants, 3 have got talent developing degrees and 4 fulfilled talent mentor qualifications. Our talent supporting team has been working since 2013 and it has got 20 members.